Adams Update 1/18/18 – School Safety, Report Cards

Mark Your Calendars:

Now through 1/31 – Box Tops Drive

1/23/18 – ALICE Safety Lessons In Classrooms

1/23/18 – Track Town Pizza – Night Out in the Community

1/24/18 – ALICE School Safety Drill

2/2/18 – NO SCHOOL – Grading and Reporting Day for Teachers

2/9/18 – Report Cards Sent Home

School Safety Lesson and Drill

The safety of our students is of the utmost importance. We want to let you know about new safety
procedures that students learned about last spring and will review next week.

Best Practices for Safety

In Eugene School District 4J we are committed to giving our students, staff and schools the best practices to keep everyone as safe as possible in an emergency. Although school fires are very rare, we practice with students how to evacuate safely in case of a fire. Similarly, although school violence is also quite rare,
we practice emergency safety procedures such as lockout and lockdown drills.

The district has updated protocols for improving school safety, as recommended by our local law enforcement, the U.S. Department of Education, Department of Homeland Security, and more. The district’s updated safety protocols, known as ALiCE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate), expand on our traditional safety practices and empower staff and students with more options to use during a life-threatening emergency, the kind we all hope never happens. That could include helping to barricade a door, evacuating the building on a moment’s notice, or even making loud noises, throwing objects, and interfering with an intruder if a threat is in the room and there is absolutely no other option. ALiCE empowers everyone to use their best judgment on each unique situation.

Sharing with Students
Our district began implementing ALiCE protocols and training for all staff two years ago. Now, after thoughtful preparation, we will be introducing the updated protocols to students this spring. 4J schools will begin to share these strategies with students during the months of May and June. The student safety training will be age-appropriate, different at the elementary, middle and high school levels, and sensitive to students’ special needs. At elementary schools, students will have age-appropriate class discussions, practice evacuating, and talk about barricading. At middle and high schools, class discussions will include more specifics about potential dangers and options, and students will practice evacuating, sheltering or barricading in response to a threat. Although staff have trained with active-shooter drills, students will not participate in such simulations.

If you would like to preview the materials we will use in class, they are available in the office.

We intend to continue sharing our plans with you as we work together to support a safe school
environment for all. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.

PLEASE NOTE: Our ALICE Lesson will be on January 23. We will do our lockdown/evacuation drill on
January 24.

Jump Rope for Heart

Our school is participating in the Jump Rope for Heart program sponsored by the American Heart Association. We will kicked it off with an assembly Friday, January 12 at 1:05 to share the program information with all of our students.   The program will run through January 26th during PE classes. All students will be practicing a variety of jump rope skills as well as learning information about how all of us can keep our hearts healthy. Your student can become a Heart Hero by taking care of their own heart and spreading the message of how we can all practice heart healthy habits including getting plenty of exercise, avoiding sugary drinks, eating healthy food and getting plenty of exercise.
Although a flyer went home explaining about fundraising for American Heart Association, we did not discuss this with students at the assembly or in class. Students will focus on learning to jump rope and have a chance to dedicate their jumps to a loved one who they want to have a healthy heart.  If your family would like to make a donation to AHA, please contact Ms. Terry. 
Terri Kelley
Physical Education Teacher
Eugene School District 4J
Chavez/Adams Elementary


Track Town Pizza – Night Out in the Community

Join Adams families for some food, fun and fundraising by stopping by Track Town Pizza on January 23rd between 11 am and midnight.  Track Town will generously donate 25% of sales to the Adams PTA.  Watch your Friday Folder for more information

Coffee with the Superintendent

District leader invites community for coffee and conversation

Coffee With the Superintendent
Wednesday, Jan. 24, 5:30–6:30 p.m.
Cal Young Middle School library, 2555 Gilham Rd.
(invite your friends!)

Drop-in on Wednesday evening for a cup of coffee and casual conversation with 4J Superintendent Gustavo Balderas!

This informal gathering is an opportunity for parents, students, staff and other community members to talk with the superintendent, learn about important things happening in the district, ask questions and share your ideas and feedback.

Whether you have a specific question or idea, or simply want to hear more about the district’s biggest priorities, challenges and successes, please consider joining us at an upcoming coffee chat.

RSVP or invite your friends 

District and School Report Cards Released

The Oregon Department of Education produces yearly report cards for schools and districts. These reports were mandated by the 1999 state legislature and provide educators with an opportunity to communicate directly with parents and community members about how local schools are performing.

In 2013, the Oregon Department of Education released a redesigned school and district Report Card. This redesigned Report Card was the product of a year of review and revisions, led by an external Report Card Steering Committee and informed by feedback from thousands of stakeholders around the state.

The goals of the redesign were to:

  • More accurately reflect student learning and growth
  • Incorporate key measures of college and career readiness
  • Align the report card with district’s achievement compacts
  • Make the Report Cards more user friendly and accessible

To view the report cards for 4J, Adams and other schools, click HERE


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