Please Keep Dogs at Home…

Please keep dogs at home….

We’ve seen an increase in pets at dismissal and drop off. While I assure you I’m a lover of pets, they are not permitted on school grounds during the school day. This includes drop off and dismissal, as we have students on campus until after 6pm each evening. Several students at Adams have allergies to pet dander or have had traumatic experiences with dogs.

There are a few exceptions to this rule, including bringing fully trained Service Dogs to school with proper notification.

The Administrative Rules outlining our policy are below. These can also be found on the 4j website (

Please feel free to contact me should you have clarifying questions.

Your help in following these rules is appreciated. Our chief goal at Adams is student safety for all of our kids!

Principal Kevin

E1550 – Animals in District Buildings

Eugene School District 4J recognizes that the safety of students and staff is a paramount issue, and there exist medical and physical dangers associated with animals, both wild and domesticated, in the classroom and/or on school property.

The District further believes that, under the proper conditions, animals may be an effective educational aid for students. In addition, there exist certain situations when federal and state statutes require accommodation of guide dogs or assistance animals.


E1550.01 – Limitations Regarding Animals

No animals, including dogs or cats, shall be allowed in school buildings or grounds while school is in session unless specifically permitted by the Principal or administrator, and proof of appropriate and/or current rabies vaccination is provided. Animals are not allowed to be on District property for any other time frames or reasons. This limitation applies to faculty, staff, and student pets as well as those of the public.

Animals granted permission to be in classrooms, buildings, or grounds will be allowed access only for a specified and appropriate educational purpose for the time necessary to achieve the educational goal. When permission is granted to allow an animal into a classroom or building, the health and safety of students and staff must be given the highest consideration.

Animals are not to be kept in buildings during school vacations, breaks, or extended holidays. Any exceptions must be obtained from the Principal or site administrator.

E1550.02 – Procedure to Allow Animals on District Property

A written request must be submitted to the Principal or designee, and/or building administrator to have animal visitors in the classroom or on District property prior to bringing any animal on District property.

The request shall include a description of the activity, type of animal, educational purpose/benefit, length of activity, and a plan for the care of the animals. The animal’s owner is responsible for the animal to be currently licensed and have any appropriate inoculations. The Principal, designee, or building administrator has the sole discretion to permit or deny the presence of any animal in the school or building.

In considering the request, the Principal, designee, or administrator shall determine:

Whether any child or staff member has a health condition (such as allergies) that could be exacerbated by exposure to animals. It is recommended that parents be notified of the plans to have an animal in the classroom so that accommodations may be made for their student.

If there is direct relevance of the animal’s presence to the District’s curriculum.
Additional costs related to the animal’s care in terms of sanitation, electrical environmental support systems (heating, cooling, aeration) and nutritional requirements.

In making the final determination to allow an animal access onto District property, the Principal, designee, or administrator shall place the highest emphasis on ensuring the safety of students and staff. Written authorization by the principal or appropriate administrator must be maintained on file in the school or site office.


E1550.03 – Owner Responsibility
Owners of animals shall be solely responsible for the care/safety of their animals and for injuries sustained to the animal or to any persons due to the presence of the animals at the school/building. Further, the animal owner is solely responsible for:

Appropriate cages and containers for the animal
Posting of instructions for emergency treatment clearly near any cage
Notification of school nurses or health assistants of the presence of the animal in the building, along with any potential health threats.

E1550.04 – Access By Persons Requiring An Assistance Animal
Last updated: Sep 17 2008 – 11:25am
Access to a school or District property by people whose physical impairment, as defined in ORS 346.690, or employees requiring accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), who require the use of an assistance animal shall not be restricted from access solely due to the requirement and/or presence of an assistance animal. Employees requiring an assistance animal are urged to contact Human Resources regarding appropriate accommodation.
Citings  state:
ORS 346.690

E1550.05 – Injuries
Staff members or students who have been bitten or otherwise injured by an animal shall report such incident to the Principal or administrator and the school nurse or appropriate medical personnel immediately. The Principal or administrator shall notify the parents in the case of student injury. In the case of a student injury, the person most knowledgeable about the incident shall complete a Student Accident/911 Incident Report available from Risk Management. If a staff member sustains injury, a Preliminary Accident Report of Employee Injury available at shall be completed and forwarded to Risk Management.

An animal which has caused any injury to a student or staff, or displays threatening or menacing behavior of any sort, shall be immediately removed from the building, and Risk Management shall be notified of the incident. Such animal shall not be allowed back onto the District’s property for any reason.

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